Here's an overview of our most recent projects

Our current projects:

Voor For "Elfsteden Vaarvakanties Friesland" we cooperate in building 11 house boats with electrical propulsion.

The first 8 boats are ready and have had 2 succesful boating seasons now.

We take care of installing all technology in the engine room. The entire energy supply and propulsion.

The engineroom under construction. From left to right we see:

- 2x Victron Quattro 48v 8000w

- 4x MG Energy Systems HE Lithium battery 24v 200Ah

- Fischer Panda dieselgeneratorset 12Kva

- Fischer Panda Whisperprop electric motor for the propulsion, 48v, 20kW.

- Fischer Panda motor controller.

- Again 4x MG HE Lithium battery 24v 200Ah

The DC distributie under construction.

Here, 1000A at 48v is distributed to all systems.

Slideshow of the installations on the boats.

For Besla BV we cooperate in building the prototype of the Besla 1100.

This is a super luxurous motor yacht driven by 2 electric motors.

We take care of engineering all technical systems and the fysical installation of all technology in the engine room. The entire energy supply and propulsion, as well as the state of the art controls of all systems ("Glass bridge"). Everything under CE class C (coastal waters and adjacent lakes up untill wind force 6 and waveheight 2m).

We do this in close cooperation with client, designers and suppliers:

- Friesdec BV (Client)

- Radar Scheepsexperts (CE certification)

- Vripack Yacht Design (Design)

- Victron Energy (All electrical systems)

- MG Energy Systems (Lithium batteries en battery management)

- Fischer Panda (Dieselgeneratorset)

- Fischer Panda Whisperprop (Electric motors)

- Yachtcontrol (Glass bridge)

For NewEnergy.Today, this project runs from the design of the electrical diagrams in the summer of 2019 to the commisioning and test drives in the spring of 2020.

Slideshow of installing the engine room.

Engine room Port side.

Engine room Starboard side.